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Do you believe in 'Love at first sit?'

If you’ve ever complained about back ache after some work, then you’re not alone. Eight in ten people in the UK will experience acute back pain at some time in their lives, and yet a staggering 92% of office workers sit in a totally unsuitable office chair.

Standard Operators Chair vs. Ergonomic Task Chair…

If you sit for more than three or four hours at work each day, then you shouldn’t really be sitting in a standard operator style chair at all… A ‘task style’ office chair is ideal for longer-term daily use and will offer increased comfort and durability when compared to a standard operator chair, giving significantly better ergonomic support with features such as a tensioned synchro-tilt mechanism, which is ideal for users who sit for longer periods. With a synchro-tilt, the seat and backrest are perfectly tensioned and give you continuous support as you move, reach and flex in your chair – We call it ‘active lumbar support’ which maintains the natural ‘S’ shape of your spine, helping to prevent aches, pains and general fatigue caused by poor posture when sitting. Indeed, many office workers who have been sitting in unsuitable chairs for years are now suffering from a pronounced ‘C’ shaped sitting posture which can lead to painful sciatica, nerve damage and even acute long-term pain.

A good office chair is therefore a real investment in comfort and efficiency and can even help to raise productivity. However, a poor office chair can make people feel irritable, uncomfortable, and worse still, can lead to unnecessary fatigue and can cause long term health issues.

Have a 24-hour office chair test-drive, Free!

If you’d like to see what a positive difference a supportive, modern office chair will make to your working day, why not take advantage of our free ’24-hour office chair test-drive’ service. You can try one of our sample office chairs that’s been specially chosen to suit ‘you’ and your exact needs (and your budget) – All without any obligation. Call us today on 01302 830330

“Research shows that over half a million people in the UK suffer daily from work related back pain”

“We spend up two thirds of our working day sitting, yet 92% of us sit in a totally unsuitable office chair.”

“Back related injuries cost UK employers over £400million every year in sick pay and lost production”.

Source: The Health & Safety Executive

Office seating

Office chairs? – Your questions answered.

Q: How much will it cost to get the right chair for me?
A: We’ve got a wide range of office chairs in our showroom, many that we can arrange for you to try in your own office before you buy. Seating will vary in price according to specification and personal preference and generally speaking you get what you pay for, but if you want a good quality ‘fully featured’ task chair, it will probably cost less than it would cost to fill up the company van twice with fuel. And remember, a good office chair will provide comfort and support for many years of use!

Q: How does your FREE ‘office chair for a day’ service work?
A: There is no single office chair that will suit everyone or every situation, so we have many options available. We can come out to see you at your office, or you can come to us and see our showroom. We can advise you every step of the way to ensure you get exactly the right office chair for you and your budget. You can try a sample chair for a day in your own office. If you like it – we’ll have one made in your choice of colour and we’ll deliver it within a few days. We don’t charge extra for this – It’s just good customer service and its free of charge!

Q: What colours and fabric options can I choose from?
A: We’ll either match your new office chair to an existing fabric colour, or your company branding, or else, you can choose from over 1,000 different and new fabric options. Plains, patterns, and textured materials are all available, with many at no extra cost. Visit our showroom and see the options available, or we can bring the coloured fabric swatches to you in your office – The choice is yours!

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