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Home working has become more popular in recent times, but it can be challenging and full of distractions, so it’s important to have a dedicated space where you can be organised and really focus on work.

Home office space

A professional approach to ‘home’ and ‘hybrid’ working…

Home-working and Hybrid working isn’t new, far from it. However, during the COVID pandemic, many people found themselves working at kitchen tables and sitting on uncomfortable, unforgiving dining chairs, whilst others worked in home offices that were never really intended to be used as full-time workspaces.

Temporary ‘make-shift’ offices were quickly set-up in dining rooms, lounges, hallways, and kitchens all over the UK, but when surrounded by partners, children, and pets, it soon became obvious that if you become distracted and uncomfortable, unless you have a dedicated workspace, things can get unproductive and disorganised very quickly…

Whilst many of us having now returned to a traditional office environment, there’s no doubt that hybrid and home-based working is here to stay. Indeed, there are more home-workers in the UK today than ever, so as working from home (WFH) becomes increasingly common, if you find yourself needing a home-office that ‘really works’, here’s our quick guide to getting started.

Home office space

Office furniture, made for the home…

Whilst most office furniture is designed for a commercial environment, we know that the needs of a ‘home-office’ are often quite different, so in the Spring of 2020, we set out to provide a range of options for those who wanted more than a kitchen table could offer. The result is our ‘@home’ range – a collection of attractive desks, storage units, and bookshelves with the same build-quality found in our commercial ranges, but in size and finish options more suited to a domestic setting.

We’ve also introduced comfortable, ergonomic seating with exactly the right ‘look and feel’ for a home office, along with new updated finishes such as ‘Clay’, ‘Taupe’, and ‘Driftwood’ that are far more suited to a domestic environment.

However, not everyone has a spare room to convert into a home office… If this sounds like you, then don’t despair. With a little creative flair and imagination, an ‘under-stairs alcove’, the small corner in your dining room, or even that bright, sunny space on your upstairs landing could be easily transformed into your new home-working space, providing a welcome sanctuary away from the distractions of everyday life.

home office desk

Final thoughts...

More people than ever are now working remotely, and some don’t want low-quality, flat-packed furniture that offer little in the way of ergonomics, style, or choice. Whether you’re working ‘part-time’ or you’re putting in 40 hours or more every week, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Working from home can be challenging enough, so it’s important to have a dedicated space – One where you can get away from distractions, and really focus on work.

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