Office lounge


A relaxed lounge-style ‘break-out area’ can be a versatile, multi-purpose space; useful for team updates, informal chats, and short huddle meetings where you can plan and discuss the busy day ahead.

Office lounge area

Creative break-out spaces, perfect for small group gatherings and one-to-ones…

‘Lounge’ style break-out zones have been around for some time, but in recent years, they’ve become far more popular. They usually consisting of a carefully blended mix of sofas, coffee tables, upholstered pouffes, and footstools, arranged in a casual, relaxed style and are most often used in situations where ‘sales-focussed’ and ‘target-driven’ teams gather in a morning, usually with a hot drink to hand – to go over what happened yesterday, or last week – answering questions and resolving issues, before setting out plans for the day, or the week ahead.

Office lounge area

Creating better, softer workspaces…

As well as being attractive, convenient, and incredibly versatile, ‘Lounge’ spaces often have another unexpected quality… By introducing soft upholstered furniture and placing it in the middle of the hard, formal structure of a large desk-based office – for example, a ‘Team’ space – It helps to ‘visually soften’ what might otherwise be a harsh, angular environment, and create the appearance of a more ‘easy-going’ and appealing ‘everyday workplace.’

The soft furnishings, pouffes, and foliage that are typically found in a ‘Lounge space’ can also help to dampen noise, improve acoustics, and reduce reverb levels dramatically. This is a perfect example of how quite different workspaces such as ‘Team’ and Lounge’ can easily co-exist within the same physical space. ‘Spaces’ are not always defined by harsh walls, dividers, or partition screens. Indeed, some spaces work well in close proximity to each other, with one space complementing another and helping to ‘balance a room’, to give the best result.

Different work zones can be defined by using design cues and structural elements such as free-standing palisades, locker banks and open shelves, with rugs, floor coverings and foliage helping to separate spaces and add visual interest, whilst a carefully selected colour palette can also help to ‘bring together’ a potentially difficult space.

Workplace lounge

Final thoughts...

It is only a few short years ago that Lounge style spaces – along with their sofa’s, pouffes, foliage and soft seating – were considered to be relative newcomers to the ‘everyday office environment’. As with all new ideas however, if something actually works and adds real value, it soon becomes ‘the norm.’ Whilst ‘Lounge spaces’ can be used to make working environments look softer and more inviting, wherever they’re used, the usefulness and the practicality they offer make them an invaluable addition to any workspace. Together with their cosy, laid-back, domestic feel and multi-purpose functionality, once they’ve been experienced for the first time, organisations will wonder why they didn’t get one sooner.

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