Office break out zone


More than just a place to grab a quick bite to eat; it’s a chance to switch off, replenish energy levels and catch-up with work colleagues in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Workplace canteen area

Bridging the gap between work, leisure, and social spaces…

When it comes to workplace design, it’s easy to see how Canteens and Cafeterias could be easily dismissed. They’re not generally considered to be ‘real workspaces’, but in recent years, we’ve learned to recognise the many benefits of taking a proper break and ‘switching off’. It’s ironic, but having some down-time, grabbing a quick coffee or a bite to eat, whilst relaxing with work colleagues in a social setting can actually make us more productive.

However, as organisations look to use space more efficiently, it seems wasteful to only use a canteen space for an hour or two each day. To make the space work harder, we regularly turn under-utilised ‘part-time’ cafeteria spaces into versatile ‘multi-purpose’ social hubs. By combining the practical elements of a works cafeteria with the softer, less formal structure of a large-scale ‘break-out’ zone, normal lunchtimes can still be accommodated, but as well as being a ‘part-time canteen’, it’s also a pleasant, comfortable, ‘people-focussed’ space that can be used throughout the entire day.

Workplace canteen area

Versatile, flexible, adaptable…

With refreshments ‘close at hand’, it’s somewhere that effectively bridges the gap between work and a social setting. When it’s not being used at lunchtimes, it’s an ideal place for a relaxed chat with a work colleague, or maybe a sensitive ‘one-to-one’ meeting with a employee when a conference room might feel too formal and overpowering. It could also be used for group training sessions, impromptu sales meetings, or even to host a ‘surprise leaving party’ for a valued team member… With a vast array of possibilities and potential uses, it’s a welcome addition to any modern workspace.

‘Reset’ spaces will often use a combination of high benches and stools, open-plan tables and chairs, private booths, and comfortable lounge style sofas that can be easily re-arranged to suit a variety of uses. Remember, during normal break times, people might choose to sit with a select group of friends in smaller groups and clusters, so you’ll probably need to build-in extra capacity and provide more seating than was originally planned for.

Office break space

Final thoughts...

Remember, this is a multi-purpose space that’ll be used for work, training, lunchtimes, and leisure type activities, so it’s a great opportunity to be quite playful, and have some fun with the décor… For example, why not create the feel of a school cafeteria, complete with large refectory tables and a noticeboard with photos of the staff when they were all school age? Or maybe you’d prefer the outdoor feel of a beer-garden with rustic wooden benches that sit on an artificial grass lawn, and walls painted to look like an idyllic countryside scene?

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