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You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so your reception area should say all the right things whenever you’re welcoming important visitors, suppliers, or potential new clients.

Reception space

Why having a great reception space is more important than you think…

Whether you’re welcoming a new client, or interviewing a potential employee, your reception area is often the first place a visitor sees, so whilst the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” might be a cliché; it makes an important point. Indeed, within seconds of arriving a visitor will start to create an impression of your company, so having an inviting, comfortable reception space that offers guests a warm welcome whilst also creating a lasting impression makes a great deal of sense.

So, it’s maybe surprising that some organisations still greet customers with a tired-looking sofa, bland décor, and a pile of out-of-date magazines… Often accompanied by a grubby-looking telephone and an old tatty sign, asking if they’ll dial ‘zero’ to speak to a receptionist! Let’s face it, a run-down reception will reflect badly on any business, and if your ‘front of house’ looks scruffy, customers might be put off, even if your products and services are wonderful.

Reception area

How to make it ‘yours’…

If you want to inject some of your Company’s unique culture and personality into your reception but you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself “How do I want visitors to feel when they arrive?”

If you’re a large town-centre Solicitor or a Dental surgery, visitors might feel nervous on arrival, so a calming reception space would be ideal – Warm, natural colours with comfortable ‘lounge style sofas,’ textured rugs and soft lighting will create a cosy, ‘domestic feel’ to help put people ‘at-ease’. Add fresh coffee, some carefully selected books on an over-sized coffee table and soft background music to help calm nerves, creating a positive, memorable experience that clients will love…

A marketing agency or graphic designer however might want a more ‘on-trend’, and energetic feel for their reception space, so we might be more daring with the colour palette and introduce contemporary styling cues, maybe using bold graphics, wall-art and unexpected features intended to either ‘catch the eye’, or raise a smile… After all, if your market is about originality and inventiveness, then these brand values should be reflected in your reception space. Creative organisations will often inject a sense of energy, fun and playfulness into their presentation pitches, but why wait?… Surely the ‘customer experience’ begins as soon as they walk through your front door?

Reception desk

Final thoughts...

Your reception area is a fantastic opportunity to show your organisation’s unique character. It can help set you apart from your competitors, and lets visitors know exactly why they should be working with you. And remember, your reception space isn’t just for visitors – It’s where your own employees arrive each morning to start their working day, so it can help inspire them too, making them feel incredibly proud of the place where they work.

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